Touring France's Wine Regions

France probably epitomizes the classic wine destination!  A wine tradition dating back thousands of years that produces great and varied wines, the perfect foods to complement them, picturesque vineyards, centuries old châteaux, and the je ne sais qua of the French culture.  Contrary to the stereotype, most French are more than eager to welcome you to their country and love to show off the fruits of their labor, making your trip to the vineyards of France a true adventure. 

Unlike almost any other country in the world, France offers a region whose wines can match almost any palate.  Like bold, full-bodied reds?  Go to Bordeaux or to the Rhône Valley in the South of France.  Like reds that are a little bit softer with more nuances?  Check out Burgundy or the Cabernet Francs of the Loire Valley.  If you prefer whites, they are equally distinct with Rieslings and Gewürztraminers in Alsace, Chardonnays in Burgundy, and a truly wide variety of whites in the Loire Valley.  And then, of course, is the wine whose name is in a category unto itself, Champagne.

Click on the region you would like to explore.  These pages included information on the wines and cuisine of that region, recommended wine producers, recommended restaurants, other destinations in that region, and weather information.  If the region you are interested in isn't completed yet, e-mail us and we will provide you with whatever information we can.



The Loire Valley

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Rhône Valley

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