Touring The Wine Regions

There are trips to wine regions that can fit any palate, interests, and budget.  There are also wine trips that don't require a lot of time and money and can easily be done over the weekend.  Please click on the country that you are interested in visiting for more information, including grape varieties and wines produced there, the regional cuisine, weather conditions, links to other websites about traveling in those areas, and recommended places of lodging.

Please note that this website is ever expanding and updating.  In order to insure that the information we provide you is accurate and informative, we are proceeding with care before releasing information on a new wine region.  If you would  like information on a wine region that isn't completed yet or you would like to be alerted when new wine regions go on-line, please send us an e-mail requesting this information by clicking
HERE.  Future countries we will highlight include Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and Australia.  In the United States, we will eventually be including California (Sonoma and Napa Valleys), Oregon (Willamette Valley), Washington (Columbia Valley), Virginia (Shenandoah Valley), and New York (the Finger Lakes and Long Island).

We would appreciate any corrections or additions you may have for our website (please provide as much detailed information as possible).

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